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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Designs

Select  Designed spill  from the main menu to bring up the Spill Designs window shown below.  A sample design collage is displayed on the right side of the window and a description of the design is found at the lower left.  The upper left corner has the controls for you to search and browse the catalog of designs.

There are four search settings at the top of the controls that are used to narrow down your search:  Style,  Ratio,  Orientation,  and  Image count.  A list of matching designs is found in the  Available Designs  frame.  The name of the sample displayed on the right will be marked here.  In this example, the  Block of 16 Photos  design is marked and displayed.

The  Style  control lists the different basic styles and lets you choose one.  When the window first opens, the style will be set to  All  so that all designs are listed.

Styles to choose from include:
Scatter Photos are randomly spilled on the collage
Solid Block The collage is filled with photos of various shapes and sizes
Theme Special themes, like sports, photography, etc
Frames Collages that can use custom frames
Saved Matrix collage designs that you saved

You can use the  Orientation  control to choose a layout that is either landscaped or portrait.  Most designs work fine with either orientation, but a few will only be available one way.

The  Image count  control lets you choose the number of photos you want to place in your collage.  Normally, this will start at  Any number  of photos.

If you know you want exactly 20 photos in a collage, set the  Style  to  AllOrientation  to  Portrait  and   Image count  to  20.  This will list about ten designs that meet your criteria in portait mode.  Click on the first design name and use your down arrow key to quickly look at each available sample design.  Switch the  Orientation  to  Landscape  and repeat the search to see more designs.

The  Image count  drop down list will only contain counts that are available with the other search criteria.  for example, there are no portrait mode collages that use 21 photos.

The list of available designs will change as you adjust the search controls.  Only designs that match your search criteria will be listed.  If more than one screen of designs are available, you can use the  Page  buttons to move between screens.

Clicking on a design name will select that design.  A sample of that design will be displayed on the right and a description of the design will be listed at the bottom.  You can use arrow keys and the  Previous  and  Next  to quickly move through the available designs.  When you find the right design, click on  Ok  to advance to the Finishing Touches screen.

If you selected a  Custom Frame  design, you will be asked at this time to choose the custom frame you want to use.

There are three additional controls that may be in the top part of the window.  These are for changing the way the collage design is built.

Random   Changes the order that the places are filled in the collage.  This is used with  scatter  designs and determines which photos are ontop of the others.
Flip Flips the design so that the bottom becomes the top
Mirror Provides a mirror image of the design

You can combine these options to create lots of variations of the same design.  This lets you use the same design several times and get a completely different appearance with each one.

The random setting will only be availble for scatter designs.  Likewise, some designs cannot be flipped or mirrored and won't be available.


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