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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Frames

The settings in the upper right corner control the frames, drop shadows and other edgings for your photos.

The  Frame size  up/down arrows are used to set the size of the frame for each photo in your collage.  The  Frame Color  button can be used to set the color of the frame.  The square box to the right of the button indicates the current color of the frames.  Setting the frame size to zero eliminates frames from your collage.  The maximum size of a photo frame is 30 (pixels).

The  Shadow size  and   Shadow Color  controls work with drop shadows in the same way.  Shadows can be a maximum of 20.

Clicking on the  Caption frame  checkbox will place each of your collage photos on a larger white space.  This provides a retro look and can be used for autographs or notes once the poster is printed.

When the  Rounded  checkbox is checked, your photos will be displayed with the corners rounded.

Clicking on the  Soft edge  checkbox causes your photo edges to fade... or blend into the background or underlying photos.

Depending on the design being used, not all of the edge options will be available.  You also can not combine a caption, rounded or soft edge with a colored frame or drop shadow.

Sample frame and edge treatments are displayed below.  A trading card sample is also included, although it is not set with these controls.  A link below discusses custom trading card frames.

Frame and Drop Shadow

Frame only

Drop Shadow only

Soft Edge

Caption Frame

Rounded Corners

Trading Card


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