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  PhotoSpills Custom Frames

Custom frames let you create unique frames similar to sport trading cards.  This can add extra interest to your photos... or you can create and print your own baseball, soccer, football or basketball cards.  To create a custom frame, select  Frames -> New custom frame  from the main menu.  You will be shown the  Custom Frames  window.

Controls for building the frame are found on the left side of this window.  A preview sample of your frame will be displayed on the right. 

The top set of options control the colors for your frame.

Note the three colored boxes by the buttons.  Take note how these three colors are used in the sample.  Click on each of the three buttons here to pick the colors you want in the frame.  The sample on the right will refresh with your choices.

The next set of controls the font and default caption for your frame captions.

Click on the  Font  button to select a font.  You can use any font on your computer, but PhotoSpills will determine the best size based on the length of your captions.  Now, click on the colored box next to the  Font  button. This lets you set the color of the font.  Again, your changes will be reflected in the sample frame on the right.

The  Default Caption  field holds a caption that will be used when no other caption is specified for your photos.  Type a generic name or phrase here suitable for your theme.  If you want, you can enter specific captions for each of your photos a bit later.

The  Icon  setting lets you choose an icon to put onto the lower left corner of your frame.

Click on the dropdown arrow and pick an icon from the list.  The selected icon will be drawn on the sample.

You can create your own icons (with another application) and add it into your icon list here.

The bottom set of controls is for adding a special caption for each of the photos you intend to use with your new custom frame.  Use this to add a person's name to the card or to include a caption.

Click on the  Photo list  drop down arrow to select from the lists you have created.  Note that you must have created the photo list prior to creating this custom frame.

Then, click on the  Add Captions  button.  Another window will pop up similar to this:

You will see the first photo in your list displayed on the right.  Text entry boxes will be listed on the left.  There will be one text box for each photo in your list and the first one should be ready for your input.  Enter a caption for your first photo and hit the Return or Tab key to advance to thenext photo.  The photo on the right will advance as you enter the captions.

When finished entering csaptions, click on the  Done  button.  When you use this custom frame later, the identified photo list will automatically be selected for you.

Note:  When building a poster with captions for a photo list, you should make sure your photos are used in the proper sequence.  In the Finishing touches screen, you should always use  Match  and never use  Random.  options when selecting photos.  Mixing those options will cause captions to be used with the wrong photos.

Adding captions without using a photo list

You can add captions without picking a photo list.  To do this, just leave the  Photo List  set to None before clicking on  Add Captions.

Your caption entry window will appear without a photo on the right and you can enter up to 36 captions.  These captions will be applied to any set of photos you use for a collage.

The  Remove  button can be used to delete a caption from the list.&nsbsp; Higher numbered captions will move up to a lower number and an enpty caption box will be added as number 36.

The  Insert  button adds an empty caption box above the current spot.  The current and lower numbered boxes will move down... adding one to the location number.  If text box 36 contains an entry, you will need to clear it.  PhotoSpills will not push a caption out of your list.  You can remove any empty box to move captions up and, thus, clear the last one.


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