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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Selecting Photos

Sometime, you may want to reuse the same set of photos in several different collages.  Having all of those photos in the same folder is one way to do this.  But you can also create a  Photo List. The advantages of a photo list is that the selected folders can be scattered over any number of folders.  And photo lists include only the images you want to use.

To create a photo list, select  Photos -> Add new photo list  from the main menu.  You will be asked to give a name for your new photo list.  Then, you will be shown a window for you to start selecting photos for your list.

You can continue selecting while folders of photos and individual photos.  An Edit button will be available once your list has photos added.  Use that button to remove and rearrange the photos.

When done with the new list, click on Done.

You can modify your saved list by using the  Photos -> Edit photo list  command from the main menu.

Saving select photos as a list

When creating a collage, you can select individul photos to be included at the  Finishing touches  screen.  Once you are done with that collage, you can save that list as a reusable photo list.  To do that, select  Photos -> Save last photo list  from the main menu and you will be asked to name the save list.


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