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  PhotoSpills Captions

The Captions frame has the controls for creating and placing a caption onto your poster.

Click on the  Font  button to select a font style, size and color.  You can select any font and color that is available on your computer.  Once finished with the font, the name and size of the font will appear under the blank box in the middle of the frame.

That blank box is used to display your caption.  Click in the box.  A new window will open for you to enter your caption.

Use the Clear button to remove any text in the window.  Click on Ok when finished entering a caption.

Your caption will appear in the font and color you just selected.  You are limited to one line for your caption.  Note that the background color of this box will be the same as the background color of your poster.

The  Font size  arrows in the lower right corner are used to change the size of the font.  Clicking the  Up  arrow will cause your caption to increase in size.

The  Caption top  and  Caption bottom  buttons on the left are used to indicate where you want the caption to appear.

Normally, captions are written ontop of your photos.  Depending on the design you are using, you may have a  Cleared caption  checkbox.  If it is available, you can click on it to clear the photos out of the area where the caption will be placed.  PhotoSpills does this by adjusting the size and positions of the photos.

Here are two samples of the same collage poster.  The one on the left has the caption written  on top  of your photos.  The one on the right has the caption area cleared.


You can also put a seperate caption on each photo in the collage.  This is done by creating a custom frame and adding captions.  You will fine a link below that describes how to do a custom frame.


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