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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Matrix

A matrix collage is a grid of photos displayed in rows and columns.  You get to pick the number of rows and columns, the space around and between the photos and the orientation of the photos.

To get started, select  Matrix spill  from the main menu.  This will bring up a new panel with control settings on the left and a preview image on the right that shows how the photos will be displayed.

  The top two control frames are displayed here.  The  Poster Orientation  setting indicates how you want the whole poster to be shaped.

The  Photo Orientation  setting determines how your photos will be displayed in the matrix.  Your photos can be all landscape, all portrait, or a combination of the two.  When using  Both  each landscape will be used in place of two portraits.

Click on each of these settings to see how it changes the preview panel on the right.

  The next two control frames are displayed here.  The  Number of Photos  setting determines the number of rows and columns for your photographs.  If either of the  Lock  boxes are checked, changing the count on that side will automatically change the other side.  This is an easy way to keep photo height and width within acceptable ratios.  When neither box is checked, you will need to manually change both rows and columns.

The  Poster Borders  settings is used to define the space around the outside of the poster.  If the  Lock  box is checked, the change to any one setting will be duplicated in the other three.

Again, make some changes to these settings to see how the preview image is changed.

The bottom three control frames are displayed below.

The  Gap Between Photos  controls set the border width between your photos.  Changes here can force changes to the  Number of Photos  frame above.  Change the gap sizes to see how the preview image is changed.

The  Shake the Design  controls can be used to change the size and positioning of your photos.
  • Checking the Rotate box causes each photo to be randomly turned.
  • Checking the Resize box will randomly alter the size of each photo.
These settings will provide a less rigid design than a normal row by column layout.

The  Frame Set  control lets you put each of your photos in a custom frame  When you click on this, you will be asked to choose the frame set you want to use.  Specifying a custom frame will not effect the preview window.

When done defining your matrix, click on the  Ok  button.  You will then be shown the  Finishing touches  window to customize and generate your collage.


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