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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Quick Spill

You can let PhotoSpills create your collage based on the photos you want to use.  To do this, pick Quick spill from the main menu.  You'll then be asked to select the photos you want to place in your collage... a folder of photos, a photo list or a group of selected photos.

Once you've picked your photos, the Finishing Touches window will be displayed.  The Quick Style panel lets you select the basic style of your collage.

  • Block style collages fill the canvas using your photos in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Scattered collages spill your photos on the canvas so that your photos are rotated and fall ontop of each other.
  • Matrix collages are a basic row/column grid of your photos.

When doing a Quick Block collage, you get a Spacing setting used to determine the amount of space between your photos.

When doing a Quick Matrix collage, there are three settings that you can use to 'shake' the design.  Check or uncheck the boxes to customize your matrix.

  • Rotate photos - Turn each photo randomly siniar to the scattered style.
  • Resize photos - Alter the sizes of your photos
  • Shuffle design - Offset the location of each photo

A Quick Shape collage uses various shapes and filters to format each of your photos.  Shapes let you set the number of rows and columns similar to a matrix design.  There are several other controls available when creating your collage. 

More information on designing a shape collage.

You can use the other setting in the Finishing Touches window to do additional customizations of your collage.

Here are six sample quick collages that use the same 12 photos.  It really is Quick to get your photos looking great in so many different ways.

Block with no spacing

Block with large spacing



Matrix with Rotated photos

Mixed up Square Shapes


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