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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  Quick Spill Shapes

While doing a  Quick spill  select the  Shapes style.  This will automatically start you with Square shapes.  You can then use the drop-down to select any of the available shapes.

The above image shows the controls available when doing a shape collage.  These include:

Blank every Used to skip photo places in the collage
Rows  and  Columns Sets the number of rows and columns in the collage.  Want one photo in the shape of a cloud??  Set the collage for one row and one column.

There is no limit to the number of rows and columns.  Your photos will be re-used over and over to fill the collage.
Mix it up When checked, your photos will be randomly sized and offset from alignment.  This provides a free-form look oppose to the normal row/column grid.
Spacing This specifies the amount of space between photos.  You can set the value to a negative number to have the photos sit ontop of each other.
Align Select one of the options here to get the collage to align to the top, bottom of center of the collage.

The collage below uses a Square background with Circle shapes set to a grid of 3 Columns by 3 Rows.  The Mix it up option is checked with Spacing set to -100.

There are ten shapes to use other than circles.  Samples of each shape are shown below.  These samples use the same options and photos as the above collage.  Note that with Mix it up checked, the size and alignment of each photo varies on each collage.





Puzzle pieces





Polka dots



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