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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2

What's New in PhotoSpills 4.2
  • Lettering Collages
  • You can now have photos formatted as letters or numbers.  Enter a character or two... or several lines of text and have your photos used to fill each character.

  • Puzzle Collages
  • The new puzzle designs work similar to a matrix collage, except your photos are shaped like individual jigsaw puzzle pieces.  You set the number of rows, columns, straight edges and missing pieces.

  • Quick shape collages
  • This style has been added to Quick collages to place your photos in various shape frames.  There are eleven shapes available including Squares, Circles, Clouds, Puzzle pieces, Stars, Stripes, etc.  The 'shaped' photos are aligned in a grid similar to a matrix design.  You can control the number of rows, columns, and space between photos.

  • Preview window
  • Sample collages are no longer displayed in version 4.2.  The Finishing Touches window now always shows a preview of the collage you are creating.  As you adjust the features, the preview will be refreshed.  There are controls under the preview that lets you stop/start refreshing each change. 

  • Blanks (skipping photos)
  • You can now designate a certain number of photos to be skipped in your collage.  The Blank every control can be found at the top center of the Finishing Touched window.  Setting that value to 4 will randomly skip every fourth photo in the design.  (Note:  Not all designs allow this feature)

  • Square Backgrounds
  • Along with portrait and landscape backgrounds, you can now have collages placed on a square background.  Not all designs are available for this orientation.

  • Miscellaneous
  • You can now have photos displayed with rounded corners.

    Frames can now be up to 60 pixels wide.  Drop shadows are now allowed up to 50 pixels wide. 

    Spacing between photos for Quick Collages can now be set to values between -100 and +140.  Negative values place photos ontop of each other and works well when combined with other options such as Soft edges.

    Several designed collage templates have been removed since they just duplicate what can be created with Quick Collage.  New playing card collage designs have been added.  These are very useful for applications like FaceBook covers.

    Improved photo selection.

    PhotoSpills is now delivered in a smaller package that is much faster to install.

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