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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  Lettering Spill

Lettering collages let you present each of your photos as a letter or number.  You can spell out a small name or write lengthy text.  Each character will be written as one of your photos.

To get started, choose   Lettering spill  from the main Spills menu and you will see the following window:

The above image shows the controls available when doing a lettering collage. ; These include:

Portrait, Landscape or Square Used to select the orientation of your collage
Center each line When checked, each line of your photos will be centered on the collage.  The lines will be left justified when the box is unchecked.
Overlap the letters This option lets you squeeze the letters on a line to be closer together so that they lay ontop of each other.  When the option is not checked, the characters will be separated and evenly spaced.
Align the letters There are three options for vertically aligning the letters.  You will need to select one of the three options.  Aligning the letters displays the characters on a normal straight line.
Offset the letters Using this option causes your letters to be randomly raised or lower in each line... providing an informal display.
Serpentine This alignment option places the letters in an undulating wave sequence. 

Enter your text in the box on the left side of the window.  Hit the Return key to start a new line.  You can place a lot of lines of text in your collage, but note that your photos will get smaller and smaller as the number of letters increase.

The collage at the top of the page has just one line with normal alignment.  The sample collage below has three lines, overlaps and offsets the letters.


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