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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  Puzzle Spill

This lets you create a jigsaw puzzle using one of your photos for each piece of the puzzle.  You can control the number of pieces and shape of your puzzle.  Your collage can have just one piece or hundreds of puzzle pieces.

To get started, choose   Puzzle spill  from the main Spills menu and you will see the following window:

The above image shows the controls available when doing a puzzle collage. ; These include:

Portrait or Landscape Used to designate the orientation of your collage
One puzzle piece or Four puzzle pieces This determines the number of pieces to use for each photo.  Using four puzzle pieces per image may keep your photos more intact.
Include straight edge pieces When checked, you will have straight edge borders all the way around the puzzle.  (The sample above does not have straight edges.)  This option is not available when you use the Four pieces per photo setting.
Number of missing pieces Set this to the number of blank pieces you want in your collage.  Since this is a jig saw puzzle, some missing pieces might provide a a matural look.  When zero, there will be no missing pieces.
Number of rows and columns Set these to indicate the size of the puzzle.  This is similar to how matrix collages work.

When using straight edge borders, the Row and Column values need to be even numbers (2, 4, 6, etc).
Set for best fit When checked, PhotoSpills will automatically set the value for the corresponding row or column.  This is used to ensure that the puzzle has the maximum number of rows and columns for your collage.  Uncheck the option in order to create an out of perspective collage like one row by seven columns.


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