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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Save Design

You can create a Quick or Matrix collage and then save it to be reused again whenever you need it.  This allows you to create your own design and have it listed in the catalog.

The first step is to use the  Matrix spill  command or the  Quick spill  from the main menu.  Complete the command and generate your collage to be sure it looks the way you want.  The collage you see here will be used as the sample collage in the catalog.

You should then print, save or cancel to return to the PhotoSpills main menu.  Then, select  Designs -> Save last Spill  from the menu to being up the following window.

Add entries in the  Design name  and   Description  fields.  These will be used to identify your design in the catalog.

Then click on the  Ok  to save your work.

In order to use your new design, select  Designed spill  from the main menu.  Then set  Style  to  Saved  to show just your saved designs.  If your saved design isn't shown, change the Orientation and/or  Image count  to properly match the design you saved.  Your design will then be in the list of matching designs.  When you select the design, your description should appear along with a sample collage.  You can then use it just like any other designed spill in the catalog.


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