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Three Trading Cards
This Trading Card design is available on the PhotoSpills web site.  If you haven't done so yet, download and add the design to your catalog.
  • Use PhotoSpills software
  • Select Designed spill from the main menu
  • Choose Landscape for the collage Orientation
  • Pick Custom Frame as the Style
  • Select the Three Trading Cards design
  • Click on Ok
  • Select a frame to be used as your trading card
  • Select the photos to be used in the collage
    This collage probably works best with portrait photos
  • Set the background color
  • Adjust the drop shadow size and color
  • Click on the Spill button
This Help page describes how to download and import the Three Trading Cards design.

You can design your own sport trading cards for this collage.  Follow these instructions to create your cards.

Photos in this sample were shared on Flickr by K.M. Klemencic with the Creative Commons License.


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