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P h o t o S p i l l s   4.2
  PhotoSpills Importing Designs

PhotoSpills is installed with a full catalog of designs for you to use.  However, additional designs will be made available on the  PhotoSpills web site.  These designs can be downloaded onto your computer and then imported into the PhotoSpills catalog.

To get a new design, go to the  PhotoSpills web site  and find a design you would like to use.  Click on the design to start and save the design  ZIP  file.  Make note of where you save the downloaded file.

Once you have the zip file on your computer, select the  Designs -> Import design  command from the main PhotoSpills menu.  You will then see a file selection window.  Browse to and select the file you downloaded.  The downloaded file will have a  .zip  suffix.

The design will then be imported and you should see it as an available design from then on.

Any special instructions for using the design will be found in the description when you select it.

Your imported design may include an icon and/or a custom frame set, which would also be available to you for other designs.  At times, an imported design may include just an icon or a frame set.


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